I have recently been experimenting with video and sound. It seems a moving image has the ability to reference a topic by method of documentation but can also warp or romanticise the piece of work through an almost transcendence like state after editing. I like this approach.

To juxtapose a video from my own surveillance in a documentative style of recording acts of labor but then edited it in a way which becomes almost mesmerising or analytical of its self critic.

I have a few test videos exploring notions of labor. The digital media in reference to my work opens up the discussion of post industrialism and the worker in modern day.

“With high-skilled knowledge-based jobs and unskilled manual labor-based jobs the picture is more complicated. Good versions of typically low status, manual labor jobs also exist in small segments, or niches, within service and manufacturing industries. Work should be pleasurable and meaningful. With its emphasis on human abilities and personal autonomy, the new economy promises the achievement of happiness through work.  MASTERS OF CRAFT – Old Jobs in the New Urban Economy – Richard E. Ocejo.

Sweat and exhaustion: Can man keep up with the machine age? Hand vs machine drilling with an electric hand drill in the repetitive motion of a computer numeric control machine cutter. Referencing the squeeze of freedom during manufacturing of the fordist era. Silenced workers emotions to attain maximum efficiency of production.

Still continuing down the route of my secret surveillance techniques I’m investigating the current relationship of the worker and the job at hand . I have recently picked up some interesting quotes from people by eavesdropping in on the city workers after their shifts in the Trafalgar square pubs.

“Well we know she’s not very bright and has no ethics and thats why I send the email”. Office Worker

“Just get fuckin Job done mate, and stopping asking Jack to do it” Builder



Ross McCormick