5 December – 1 April 2018


By exploring how we project our identity through our appearances, consumer choices and consumption and how this ultimately shapes our sense of self in relation to society- this show made up of 28 or so artists, instigates thoughts of what the objects, commodities and consumption of culture says about us and our identity.

I am interested in how this is also reflected through our virtual consumption, advertisement, influencers and the disparity between individuals in this consumption. Can an identity form from the culture, objects, consumption we leave behind? How the seemingly mundane routine of one may be the polar opposite of another and how this is reflected in society, culture and anthropology.

For example the simple shopping list. The Friday night curry order or go to pizza. The the habits and automatic scrolling and liking of the hourly apps visited. 

The show prompts the consideration of everyday objects and their value and use. This touches the continuing western lifestyle of the ‘throw away society’ – An era of disposable ‘stuff’ and need or desire for ‘things’  and a materialistic lifestyle, fuelling capitalism.


interesting article: https://www.postconsumers.com/2016/03/21/disposable-addictive-consumerism/ 


April Jackson