Recently, I’ve been gathering information on the Internet and begining my new research. I found  information is indeed scattered. If you want something, you go and get it online. In this sense,  The traditional channels, where some people organize and then propagate information are weakened or even destroyed. It is replaced by the brand new information dissemination system. Instead of having centralized channels, now everybody is the content producer and it somehow relies on interpersonal relationships to spread information. When the old is replaced by the new, those who feed on the old system lose their influence and control in the old system. That’s why the Information seems to be “fragmented”. But for the producers and end-users, information is not only more accessible and more comprehensive, but also more directional. This is true for both the search-engine based information retrieval system (such as Google) several years ago and the current interpersonal relationships established information dissemination system represented by Facebook ,Twitter and wechat.

There are some new problems coming along with it as well. One well-known dark side of information fragmentation related problem is information overload and its close cousin, attention fragmentation. Internet has made our life so called “fragmental” and it is harder for us to keep focus. We are getting too comfortable to get fast-food like information by switch between web pages, looking for new source of interests. It is extremely easy to be attracted by new piece of information that we start to ignore information that is more than one page unless it is all composed pictures. In Chinese, this kind of behavior is even given a pathological name, “Fat Brain”

These problems are also puzzling the direction of art creation. Because in the era of information explosion and image explosion, what kind of art form can attract the attention of the audience, so that the audience can stay in front of the visual art works for a long time.This is a question we must face。