recently i extends my use of the found object as a literal and conceptual fulcrum..  put  it as absurdist intervention and index of  reality. I went to Bermondsey antique market to find the old objects .I’ve collected some old  goods, including model people’s arms, a black board, some fabric and metal. In the future.  I want to Bring my understanding of media and language into my thinking about the external environment, Start the search for spirituality. I want to use instinctive ability to view old objects as composite elements, which i brings together to create a new reduction of meaning. and show an extent somewhat complex nature of my work and create a large-scale arrangement included a installation painting. Black squares appear in many of my paintings , and these sudden black images show my awe of unknown, but possibly real, things. Deliberately scrambling a certain theme makes the work a strangeness.i think these will give visiters a question that what is and what isn’t an artwork. Thinking the meaning of these artworks .

It’s hard for me to generalize about what I’m going to do with a certain theme, which is an ongoing series of possible interpretations of history and the present, beliefs and ideals, subconscious and memory.There may be a variety of interpretations.

In some cases , a combination of my rules is used to combine the device with the canvas . The role I play is an artist , collector and speaker , and the audience is a detective and a magistrate . it will foregrounding the role of the viewer or buyer in making meaning。There are models or blueprints for some items, but some are not yet implemented, and I’m looking forward to getting some advice.