A city in itself is not primary and the most basic element to found a city. It is the composition such as architecture and residents of a city that embodies the image of the cities and leads to the common understanding of a city of the public. Coming back from the rather relaxing Easter break to several towns in southern Sicily, I noticed that among the most frequent themes of the photos I had taken there were merely residents and tourists, shades and things contains no obvious features of the cities.

It is certainly not the case that the beautiful scenery over there could not arouse my attention. The scenery was absolutely magnificent on the craters of Mount Etna, along the “Lido” of the coastline, and of some randomly appeared “amphitheatres”. However, the images of them are so easy to capture that I just do not have the passion to lift my camera and take the photos. The Mount Etna is always there for centuries and those images have been widely spread on the internet. It would be so boring if I just took some fantastic panoramic landscape or vacant corners of the streets with some “city logos” which are easy to recognise, although they are nicely presented in terms of the features of the cities.

It comes to what are the alternative ways to express the features of the city in a less expressive and more subtle way, so to speak, in a way that nobody would recognise the exact name of the city. Instead, it renders viewers to dig deep into the emotion of the city and that is exactly why I leave blank in the titles.


                                                                                     Image 2

                                                                            Image 3

                                                                   Image 4

                                                                     Image 5

Although the emotions in them are somewhat manipulated by the creator the photos, me in this case, it is unnamed and uncategorised and thus the blanks are filled by the viewers themselves.