This little sculpture will be used as one of the elements on my 26th exhibition.
As one of the indispensable factors.
I try to use different materials, mix them up, just like the mixing effect in fashion, using different elements.
Although this step fails, but at least have a shape, color will do more to try, the proportion of water and pigment, material and time control, is a very important step, looks simple and concise form, either production or use them to cooperate on the theme, and is not a simple things
Not only need to have enough patience, but also to do more trying and thinking.
Go on and do more.
Finally understand that this is the foreign pure arts major and domestic differences.
Sometimes we have to do it.
This is why we have to record, to record history, to give you more inspiration
Grayson Perry said: “If you’re being creative, you’ ve got to make mistakes. I’ve got’ Greativity is mistakes.”