In the two exhibitions (April 26 and May 3), I will show a few completely different feeling works, all very smoothly in the process.
Recently, different materials and effects have been studied in the laboratory.
I didn’t get the final result I wanted.

The display of these pictures is not the final effect of the work, but the experiment done according to their own feelings.
All of a sudden these things are more valuable and worth recalling than the ones I finally presented.
Broadened my horizons and improved the control of the proportion and time of materials.
The process is fresh and prickly.

Trying to mix and match is not easy.
In addition to the material color choices, and maintain a fresh, more is I don’t know what is the effect of the last, I also don’t want to go for the final result, use their visual experience, on the choice of materials, with the theme of the fit and all kinds of material mix build, although this does not need to be take out discussion, but it’s own experimental process, is worthy of being recorded
It seems that the process of this exploration is more stimulating and appealing to me than the result.