Tonight there were 100 artists showing in the art school. The atmosphere was buzzing. The bar was full and there were drag queens turned out immaculately. The work was everywhere, plastered as thickly as the RA summer exhibition on the walls and plinths around the place.  I knew some of the people exhibiting and I met some new people too. BUT….. it just didn’t excite me. Each artist was standing by their work rather desperately trying to sell it. I felt uncomfortable as I tried not to whack ceramics with my backpack. The place was packed with lots of arty looking folk, some were extremely cool.  Its all Pattie’s fault you see. It was just another bloody art fair! God help me now….I spoke to a journalist who had 65 pieces of contemporary art in his 2 bed flat. He was so happy to see small pieces that would be suitable for his apartment. He had purchased a large round painting that left an inch between the ceiling at the top and the skirting board at the bottom. He said it looked small in the gallery he’d bought it from. He loved it nevertheless. This is good for the artists he is buying from and part of me wished he would come and invest in some of mine but I didn’t ask him to come to our interim show as he was talking to an acquaintance of mine whose paintings were showing. I didn’t feel confident to tell him about it.  Maybe I’m not sure who and what I am anymore. Am I an artist who makes things for this or am I making art for as yet unknown audience? I’m confused. Maybe I thought he wouldn’t like what we were doing? Who knows? What I do know is that I didn’t get or like much of the work I saw at Flux. I’m not sure who I’m making work fro now? This has alarmed me. I wonder why?

Kate Mieczkowska