‘Perhaps the very fact that the theory changes nothing is part of its attraction. You get all the thrill of believing something wild without the downside of having to fundamentally change the way you live. It’s a bold intellectual leap that leaves you exactly where you jumped from. This is the safest possible way to enjoy the exhilaration of upheaval, for there surely is something intoxicating about turning ordinary life on its head, even when it’s terrifying. ‘

The Guardian ‘We are simulations living in a virtual realm, says Elon Musk. But why do we like the idea? ‘ article by Julian Baggini


I read this today and it made so much sense. We are developing a world in which we need to make no effort at all to live in. We need take no responsibility for it in its original form and take from it as much ‘pleasure’ as possible. We are developing methods of replacing ourselves so that only a very small percentage of people will be able to exist comfortably.

I relate it to the studio. We are not ‘making’ art, we are actively avoiding getting into laborious making processes. ‘Art’ is now completely in the realms of the mind and needs to have no object with which to convey its message. We can literally just be in something or be involved in something and it could then be discussed and documented as an artwork. We can change the world in our heads’ feel present and powerful and still enjoy our takeaway coffees guiltlessly. We can imagine all manner of atrocities which if manifested in the ‘real world’ would lead to incarceration or the death penalty. We may never leave our studio to do this. We have made some ‘Art’.  Are we not at risk of destroying ourselves in the same way we are with artificial intelligence if we don’t hang onto some semblance of reality in art? Are we walking straight into a situation that creates ‘individuals who are devoid of any economic, political, or even artistic value’. The absolute worse possible case scenario endgame of a neo liberal society. Unless of course you own the robots!