“Woman must labour to be beautiful.”

W.B. Yeats


Why woman cause pain to herself?


The experiment by Marina Abramovic as well as studies of abusers show how violence, once began, escalates. If we look at the history of woman, until 1960s women caused themselves pain. Chloroform was invented in the 1860s, which made giving birth less painful as well as discovery of antisepsis in the 1880s, which made it less dangerous. Even after the invention of all of those wonderful medicine sex still carried a risk of illegal abortion. Female consciousness linked sex, love and pain together. They became almost inseparable until the invention of the contraceptive and the Pill in 1960s. Also some time after legalization of abortion played a big role in it as well. Simultaneously women entered the paid work force, social values were changing and finally sex and love were separating from the pain.


How can society adapt to femaleness, which was not characterized by pain? What does hurt today?


For centuries pain has been a heart to woman’s sexual sense of self as far as the record goes. What is a female without suffering? Does it mean that to be in pain means to be beautiful and to be loved?


The cosmetic surgery industry is growing by manipulating ideas of health and beauty. Essentially female and the most beautiful parts of female body, the shape of female breasts, woman’s flesh, transformation after childbirth of her skin and genitals, are being categorized as ugly. These qualities are the symbol of female power and that’s why they are being reduced or demolished. The ideal image of a woman is to be young and skinny, but 1/3 of woman’s body is made out of fat and 1/3 of woman’s life she is aging. The ideal is about the money not about the woman. Cosmetic sergeants and other beauty industries have direct financial interest in a social role for woman that wants them to be ugly. There is a social pressure on woman to destroy her ”ugly parts” on her healthy body and to kill off the age in her. An example of it is Labiaplasty:


Labiaplasty – is a type of female genital enhancement procedure that is designed to remove excessive labia tissue from the labia minora (inner vaginal lips), the labia majora (outer vaginal lips) or both.


Porn industry is one of the reason why it distorters women’s sense of their own vagina. The appearance of woman’s labia varies quite a lot, the way it folds, and the symmetry of the lips is unique. Pornography has given many women an unrealistic idea of how their vagina should look like because porn models often had surgeries themselves.


Pain becomes real when other people believe in it. If you are the only one experiencing pain you can be seen as mad. Society believes that woman freely chooses to be in pain and it makes beauties pain insignificant. The starvation, the nausea, the surgical attack of the beauty reaction is a political weapon. It is a political torture. What will happen to women in the future? Will women in their natural state be considered ugly? How will this violence expand? Is it a matter of time for clitoris to be repositioned and cut, for vagina to be made tighter, and the throat muscles to become looser?