During the Easter break, I read a book by Byung Chul Han od The Transparency Society. Byung Chul Han is Korean -born German philosopher. He teaches philosophy and cultural studies at Berlin’s University of the Arts. I was interested in this book because my work which is going on now relates to transparency.

The author argue that transparency is emphasized in many areas, including politics and economics, and many people expect transparency to create trust. Ironically, however, he explains that transparency is more demanding in modern society trust is lost, and that transparency is used as a means of surveillance and control. This surveillance and control also lead to a vicious cycle of the collapse of trust. The author defines transparency society as “ The hell of same” and “A new word expressing uniformity”.

I can not be entirely agree with this strong critique of Byung Chul Han’s transparency, but I think it has deep insight and significant implications for modern society. In particular, I think there is a matter for more considerations in the Korean society where the totalitarian way of thinking still remains deeply. And I am totally agree with his concern about the digital panopticon.