I have a close group of friends that I have know since I was thirteen that make up my core group. We don’t manage to see each other that often but whenever we are all in the same country we make the effort to meet up and download our lives to each other. Out of the groups I’m not the worst at dating- that accolade goes to Rosie who honestly has a superhuman ability to make any slightly romantic situation she is in instantly awkward for her and they guy, but hilarious for the rest of us. However, out of the group I’m not the one who is usually associated with dating or relationships going well.

As is the case with any group of friends, we discuss at length everyone’s relationships, who they are with, if we approve, and when are we going to meet their significant other. For me, it’s a good indicator about how suited someone is as my boyfriend by how well they get on with this group of friends- naturally the decision is still ultimately mine, but what would it be like if I gave up this control? My takeover of Low Res Camera Roll presented me with an opportunity to try this out. Alongside posting images to the account I knew I wanted to find a way to incorporate the story aspect of Instagram. It offers a chance to get immediate feedback and interaction with viewers of the account. My plan was to turn the viewers into Cilla Black in my own version of Blind Date.

The idea was to select four of the profiles that I had been collecting each day and ask the followers to vote on who they would prefer me to date. At the end of each day I would then message the ‘winner’ and see what happened. I wanted this to be based purely on the text written by each guy and detach it from their images so that voting wasn’t done on aesthetics. I found choosing the profiles quite hard to be honest, I had forgotten who was who at this point so even I was doing it just from the text. I ended up picking ones that appealed to me- either because I found them amusing, I didn’t understand what they were saying, or because some part of the text just stood out.

By the end of the week I had messaged six guys and, perhaps unsurprisingly for a dating app, got zero response within the timeframe (some have since messaged back). This did kind of ruin my plans but did confound my thoughts that most guys are useless at communication- I normally fall into this category as well. However, during the week I received messages from guys outside of the voting process. At first I was slightly annoyed at how inconsiderate they had been messing with my supposed ‘project’, but after I calmed down I messaged them back and arranged going on dates with some of them. These didn’t go to plan but that’s a story I will save for another time.

If I have learnt anything from this process, it’s that you can’t force these things and when you try to there will usually be some guy there to fuck up your plans.


Will Coups