This is an algorithmic art video, In the early 1990s, they were merely visualization aids in the study of mathematics. Gradually, the complexity and artistry of the images become an end itself.

As of today, it is scarcely known how surfaces look like of arbitrary equations of 3 variables. Equations with more than 3 variables can be projected or sliced to 3-dimensional space, and this is completely unexplored.

And 2 dimensions we have regular polygons, such as square and pentagon and hexagon. The 3-dimensional version is called regular polyhedron. For example cube, octahedron, icosahedron. The general name for such objects in any dimension is called polytope.

Polyhedrons as artistic themes have been explored greatly, way back in the Greek times and in different cultures, often exhibited as toys, sculptures, paper models (origami), or hanging decoration. In modern times, polyhedrons have been exhibited as architecture element as well. (Examples: Disney’s geodesic dome, Eden Project hemispheres, Atomium, Biosphere2 )

“fiery”: plots of the equation Sin[x*Sin[y]]-Cos[y*Cos[x]]==0.

A density plot version. Math: Density Plots of Trig expressions

I  know that it’s so cool, and I want to learn how to make a video like this, if you know how to make it or you can give me some advice, please contact me, thanks a lot!