The exhibition Know Unknowns at Sattchi gallery is a big stimulation to me, especially the painting from Mona Osman.

Through this experience I found that I was so timid, when I was painting I was always afraid that I am not capable enough to control a image, maybe that’s the main reason why I didn’t try large scale painting( though I always want to but never start). I always worry too much, not crazy enough, so I think my breakthrough in this unit is still not that much.

I found there are many similar ideas as my work in Mona’s painting, such as paper collages, canvas collages, paint on raw canvas, acrylic as 3D sculptural elements on painting…..But just because of my timidity, I didn’t apply these ideas to extreme, so the final effect is not that ideal and remarkable.

I appreciate this exhibition which makes me clearly know my nonconfidence and timidity. But I also believe I am also ambitious and potential.

I will challenge myself more.