Identity tastes like a cookie

I believe that One’s critical debate arises from their experiences and is influenced by your cultural stimuli.

My latest video I am experimenting with identity, My identity, while pushing myself to “unhealthy habits” that I try for first time on camera.

Played in 3 acts, ritualistic, and sacrificial pose the history of modern ambiguity, that is smoking.

Act 1: Taking the identity of my kin, the last living male of my family and transforming into a “little crematory sacrifice”.

Act 2: I lit and smoked them. Smoking for first time in my life. Yeah it felt unpleasant,I felt dizzy. But it also tasted like a Cookie.

Act 3. Performing my own Funeral. Trying to Pay the Grim Reaper in fake cheap money of the hereafter.


Eirini Pouliasi / Irene Pouliasi