I am working on picturing a stop-changing world. With every human in this planet gather together under a same consensus. We will all working together to maintenance the situation of TODAY for one hundred years. This means no more new economic system and social system. People still have the right to choose and changing their job, but can’t create new business and the companies already existed generally can’t grow bigger. And humanity can’t start anything will end up achieved the behaviour of creating. We can fix what have already existed, but can’t change it. The only thing that can change is our thought and concept.

After a simple scrip, I felt this was just too similar to Communist. So I started to found some Anti-Utopia resources, like books and films to research the origin idea and why Communist failed. And I found three most interesting films which are Clockwork Orange, Equilibrium and 1984.

Clockwork Orange:
I saw this film but never took it as a research resource before. The brain washing part was very cool cause after that, Alex became a perfect citizen in his society. However, his mental suffered and want to kill himself. Though people became a model of society, if mentally they are not satisfy, it will lead to destroy after all.

A film about citizens kill their feelings by taking medicine everyday, so they won’t feel angry, jealousy and happiness. By this method society can maintains peace. But even the special agent from the government couldn’t resists the please these feelings gave him, then eventually start to against the government. So instead of brain washed tone, the government trained all the citizen to agreed and convinced them this will be a better world. Kind of similar to the world I pictured but kill all the feeling is too stupid, because we are and can’t be machine.


This is a very slow, deep dark film, in the film society is surrounded by lies, suspicion and danger. Government put tones of rules to control their people, and use a fake idol to fool them. Make them believe they are the luck one, but human are not animal, you can’t treat us like that that because we have the ability of thinking. If we don’t feel happy, we will question the government after all.

Hsieh Hao Chun