These two are the videos from Haverd law school’s lecture, Justice. In these two episode they were talking about freedom in society. From tax, conscription to live and die. The very key thing caught my attention is in the end of episode 4. When he talked about the reason why society and community can be stable, is because the consensus we have. We all agreed some sort of rules that should be followed in the area we live in. Such as no killing or stealing should happened. The example they discussed is about wealth people should pay more tax, but why isn’t an act of stealing?

Turn outs, from their discussion. Since one decide to live in a group, they must obey and follow the consensus the group have, even that means they have to give up a part of freedom. Feather more, if one decide to be free again, they totally have to right to do that. However, that means the one have to leave the group, in modern world that means the one can’t live in any country and become a wilding, which is almost impossible now.

Anyway, the really interesting part is consensus of community. I kind of finally understand why philosophy is so important to humanity. Because if a concept can effect then accept by people, it will slowly becomes a consensus then effect the law and the country. Eventually effect the future.

Hsieh Hao Chun