I was recently invited to submit some work for an upcoming book being released by american brand Braindead celebrating some of the artists they have collaborated with so far.

Initially I had planned to include adapted video stills but time run out. I decided to return to a part digital part hand made collage process thats been part of my graphic design practice for the past few years.

In doing so I was reminded of a recent conversation with a friend of mine on the current state of graphic design within the niches he and I both work. We discussed how the referential nature of finding a visual language that matched partly nostalgic music was transgressive to the appearance of musical artwork. So much of today’s flyer design in particular so boldly uses a pastiche of established ideas. There seems to be a wealth of flyers that look like flyers, t shirts that look like t shirts and magazines that look like magazines. I have of course been guilty of proudly re-using visual languages on promotional artwork in the past but feel now i must move on. The only constraint for my images was dimension therefore I could test a more ambiguous approach unreliant on the triggers of existing imagery. I already talked about this in regards to the art I have been creating on the course but in returning to my commissioned work I believe it needs to be across the board. Time was limited with looming deadlines so elements of these images where regrettably dependant on other people’s images but moving forward I will strive to use only photographs I have taken with my own drawings.