Garry Fabian Miller  is an photographic artist, specialising in ‘camera-less’ photographs since the mid-1980s. He works in the darkroom, shining light through coloured glass vessels and over cut-paper shapes to create forms that record directly onto photographic paper. These rudimentary methods recall the earliest days of photography, when the effects of light on sensitised paper like magical.

Across languages and cultures, the earliest colour categories are belief to have been those and light and dark, followed similarly by a term for red. Fabian Miller’s images urge suggest primal experience and a definition of colour and shape that can be understood on few levels .






Garry Fabian Miller’s works are minimalist and abstract, and they are very philosophical. Through the simple and pure creation of light and shadow images, he intends to explore the essence of photography: time and light. Light is everywhere in his works. Through this light, we see the leaves that are getting older; the stars of the night; and even just the colors of time itself (the length of exposure).















Yu Ting Hsu