All the pictures, objects, and information that surround people are like the data of our time. You can say this is the absurdity of the current world, the new process of civilization, or the absolute disappearance of photography.

Umbrico puts together photographs of brochures, catalogs, websites (including social platforms) we see in daily life, including how to use screenshots. Her most famous work is to piece together a type of candy-colored sunrise photograph as a huge collection of works, using a kind of netizen’s attitude to refine this natural phenomenon to a more life-like logic to the audience.



“I began the project Suns from Sunsets from Flickr in 2006 when, looking for the most photographed subject, I searched the photo-sharing website Flickr and found “sunsets” to be the most present (tagged) resulting in 541,795 in 2006 hits. I thought it peculiar that the sun, the quintessential giver of life and warmth, constant in our lives, symbol of enlightenment, spirituality, eternity, all things unreachable and ephemeral, omnipotent provider of optimism and vitamin D… and so ubiquitously photographed, is now subsumed to the internet – this warm singular object made multiple in the electronic space of the web, and viewed within the cool light of the screen.”





Penelope Umbrico’s other works:










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