Recently I had new experience with sounds, it started accidently while I was looking for a sound that look like moaning or crying to use in my new sculpture installation. I tried using my voice and that is when I discovered I have a quiet strong voice. I started experimenting with my voice and the result was quite encouraging. During this time I visited the 180 Strand Gallery where I saw an art installation made by Shirazeh Houshiary called Breath. This work featured prayers and verses from the main religions, Christian, Jewish, Islamic and Buddhist. These were shown in form of four videos displayed on four opposite screens within a dark and enclosed small room that were built for this purpose.


artwork by Shirazeh Houshiary.



Entering this room and watching those videos was a very calming and meditating experience. the way these  videos were displayed and how the sounds were intertwined was making the viewers  relax and have a deep thoughtful thinking, as of telling us that all the messages from all different religions are the same and they all can be listen to in harmony.

Houshiary’s installation inspired me a lot, even though on a different level, but it remind me of the night of 15th of March 2003 when I first heard the sound of military aircrafts bombing Baghdad.  There were so many noises mixed together.  Bombing sounds, Sound of prayers from speakers of Mosques and others reading verses from Quran. Also sounds of family and neighbours asking if everyone is alright. The combined sounds and voices was a testament to the chaos of the situation we have lived in.

In my recent work with sound group called Sound Capsule, we did an exhibition called (Rarely Parasitic) at triangle space. While I was rehearsing with other artists I discovered my voice and how I use it without realising that it looks like sound of grieving but in a very calming way that is similar to a sound of meditation. My tutors before advised me I have a great voice and l should somehow use it in my artwork.

I am doing my research about how artist used their voice in war art. One of the art projects I found through a classmate is called (No man’s land project)

In this project, composer John Psathas created a video concert of people from around the world that they come from different cultures and backgrounds. This 80 minutes vocal performances is deeply moving and very powerful work that shows the devastating impact on war. This work has inspired me and encouraged me more to experience with sound and voices in my future art works.


Gardenia White