Bernadette Corporation
Media Hot and Cold (2011)

10 Hardcover publish-on-demand books with dust jackets (UThe Coming InsurrectionU, UThe Crack-upU, UCupcakesU, UThe Easy Way to Stop SmokingU, UHowlU, UI Love DickU, UThe KoranU, UMoby DickU, UOpenU, UTractatus Logico- PhilosophicusU)


An automatic and anonymous paraliterature generated through interaction and communication by people on sites like Amazon, as they buy, read and review books online.

The users are directly activated and autonomous though the gesture of reworking their content into actual books, via a publish-on-demand service, bypassing the traditional and non-inclusive modes of literary distribution.

“Literary theorists have often championed the agency of the reader, but nowadays users make literature without even realizing it. Meanwhile, literature becomes another opportunity to communicate oneself.” BC (2011, Kaleidoscope)

Redistribution models for production of art, the art is the process and outsourcing of the creative aspects of the process – redistributing creativity, and opening the work to a certain whatever-ness in order to rethink what an artwork can be and how it can be made.








Cory Arcangel – Working on my novel


Working on my novel is a book composed of tweets from people posting about working on their novels. It’s about attempts to create, and the gap between different outlets of self expression available to us. How instant communication and easily accessible platforms for broadcasting oneself dictate how we behave and interact.

Perhaps social media is an outlet for creative dry spells, a behind the scenes/open access to the struggles people face when trying to work. It may also about posturing and broadcasting something to an audience, even if that something is having nothing and trying to make that nothing into a something. Authors who are meant to be working on their novels but instead tweet about their novel-writing process and other stuff thrown in too.

Cory Archangel has made those nothing-somethings into something.

Which is clever and cool on many levels #myheadhurts

Making a physical book out of electronic/online snippets of dialogue regarding people trying to write other books.

The work is a distinction between forms of expression in post digital age.

Each tweet is presented on it’s own white page, a micro blog in the morass of the cyber sphere elevated to printed epitaph, housed in it’s own “white cube” space of sorts.

The book is concise, 127 tweets long, and ironically these writers are getting published, albeit in a round about way. Appropriation and rehashing pre-existing content for the sake of “ART”, and also borderline insult as per the norm with using online content for satirical reflection back onto said content.

It is a book for art or literary critics, their egotistical imposition and commentaries on “culture”.

It’s not just cynical and ironic, there is also something quite maudlin going on with the accumulated commentaries on aspiration and failure.

More than anything, it’s about how technology seems to simultaneously allow and restrict creativity and expressiveness, whilst allowing the self to adopt a “personal brand” or projected avatar of an archetype – in this case, the “writer”.

These people are still “creating culture” whatever you’re tweeting about, you’re saying, “This is part of who I am.” C. Archangel (2014, VICE).


Lora Nikolaeva Nikolova.