1000 pound for your shoes dear fearne ? . 15:58.


Experimenting with the projector- bringing a digital element to the work. This is defiantly a mode of display and where I’d like to take the work with a larger scale and perhaps short films and multiple projections in a creates space/room/set.

Initially for the show I had a A0 digital print and sculptures to present however when thinking about the show, curating and how the work works in the space, I felt the work need scale. Magnitude. I brain stormed some ideas of a hanging projection sheet, projection of my digital still, digital print on to material (flag/sail vibes) and then thought about a more traditional poster-ized format. An original format of advertisement and perhaps the initial version of instagram- very much a physical object. The fly-poster layout also picks up on the ‘multiple-screened’, repetition and disposability and decreased value of imagery we are bombarded with, digest and discard. The collage, a more traditional medium, I think would aid from another, digital, aspect with perhaps digital projection, audio, pod-cast or a dynamic video projected onto the ‘poster wall’ (how femme teen bedroom…) and to activate the sculptural pieces perhaps and tie the two closer together. a shared projection between the to, along with several smaller maybe.


The sculptures are an idea of materialising a digital engagement, a mis-match form, trying to manifest some form of identity from this virtual consumption. The foundations of a being. The rudimental, DIY, industrial home building materials pick up on a contrast to this utopian, Fearne Cotton, Cath Kidston bubble. A bubble, although varying in contents we all enter. I imagined a post- human world were, our individualized consumption- material and digital- manifests, grows and forms its identity from its consumed surrounding. The digital world evolving and materialising, the ‘trash’ around us becoming its identity. It’s understanding. Who would your bot be from your trace of life?

To work with the A0 digital print originally planned to be placed behind the piece, the sculptures pic out palette, material, pattern and fragmentation/ forms from the print. A manifested identity form this snippet of digital consumption. It’s primitive consciousness a pink jumper, iced coffee, banana leaf and pant suit understanding. How would they see the world and identify itself. What does our consumption really say about us? our human condition. our mannerisms? our value and disrespect for certain objects, customs, ideologies.

The works also critically analyse our human behaviour, obsession, compulsions toward the consumer, digital and materialistic modern world that is so vast, expendable, transient and disposable. #’trend\\\ie’

April Jackson