The installation is the first thing I will be shown at 26, and assesment1 shown in different is I use more for the different elements, mix them up and combined into a more meaningful work, I tried a new technologies, such as cloth printing, making moulds and other interesting bold attempt, the new technologies open the work before, a new form of expression, this is also the goal of my future will continue to adhere to.

About printing cloth, is a very complicated process, although the college provides a better technical support, pre-production is a slow process, fabric as an important component element in the work, the artist for the control of color, and the overall coordination, are all conditions must be considered, the fabric after printing post-processing is a complex process, is the need to have some patience.

At the same time, I also tried to add latex to the work, which is a kind of very interesting material that can give full play to human imagination: organic, inorganic, artificial, mechanical, order.

Another chain as the main material for the work, these pictures we can clearly see, next to the pattern on the fabric and have great relevance

order, disorder, restructuring, dimensionality, and so on.

This work will be showed in the studio on 26th.