Having gone this terms through several different thought processes and researches, I have decided to base my interim show installation on the ideas of the themes of difficulties of language, and fractiousness. This is represented through fragments of language I have described in a previous post, placed insidiously around the space, alongside the drawings including the main piece ‘Cok (Mona Lisa Smile)’.


The text pieces have gone through multiple incarnations, including motivational messages in various formats, arriving at metaphors translated through Google translate into languages including Chinese and Korean, and then back again. This produces a confusing collection of sentences, which one feels they should understand but are unable to, highlighting the difficulties of breakdown of communication, opaque cultural meeting points and the power of control (which I exert through this process). Also, there is the feeling of being at the tantalising point in between understanding and not. Concerning the languages I uses, there is an undercurrent of East meets West and also my own personal experiences of how misunderstanding or incoherence can occur.




The main drawing, ‘Cok’, is based on the perceived attempts for humanity to cohere, and the inability of dialogue. An easy to dismiss childlike drawing which contains the potential for complex narratives, when perceived by different sides of a debate, their reactions will be key to the enablement or otherwise of a discourse. The image itself is an amalgam of gender, nevertheless dominated by masculinity, smiling its way through life. It is meant to confront the viewer on its own terms, which is why I set it slightly apart from the others, and at eye level. It is framed to represent the borders of acceptable discussion.

The theme of fractiousness is literally represented by the fragmented placement of drawings, at the corner of the eye, an aspect recurrent in my work over the years.

The medium and presentation are intended to generate a light hearted and accessible approach, which nevertheless creates a confounding sense of slight confusion.