I went on a ‘research trip’ to Slovenia last week to see the MoMA in Ljubljana. I’d first encountered it in the book ‘Radical Museology’, which itself I only came across because it was illustrated by Dan Perjovschi, one of my favourites.

The Museum is in a complex with the Museum of Ethnology, which, like MoMA, runs with an ethos of presenting multiple parallel histories rather than one lineage. It aims to acknowledge and attempt to deal with the problems arising by one, single version of history being held, and at the time I was there it did so by presenting African, South American and of course Slovenian history side by side.

The exhibit opens with a text from which this is a quote: ‘Museums, too, can knowingly or unwittingly perpetrate or even create stereotypes and prejudice…’

The MoMA itself was a great space presenting 3 different slices of Slovenian art – older work from the 60’s-80’s and then post-independence as well, up to present day.

In all I’ve not seen anything done in quite this way and I think it represented very effectively the difference between presenting opinion as truth versus having true opinion, as well as a very different way of viewing history (Slovenian history being extremely fractious) compared to a singular one I would say was prevalent in the UK. It also complements my experiences of museums across Asia which have again a totally different take on things.

The take away was developing thinking about multiple, intertwined narrative.

Meeting Perjovschi


This all feeds into ideas I have been thinking for a while of fragmentation versus unified narratives or incoherence. Seeing it in the flesh was powerful, as was the wine.

There is much more on the English-enabled website here

 Some artworks:


I heard that these shoes are placed like this as tribute to the fallen, but that was just hearsay

Heartfelt and I think righteous anger















In response, as part of my ongoing Lozt street art project (insta: @loztreal :)) I left these two hastily made pieces.

Vertical text: reality/fantasy Horizontal: Choose now.

Caption reads: ‘Choosing your truth’.