Bladow! was the sound Busta Rhymes made and also the sound of my mouth as Carrie Mae Weems photography series thAt utilise  text played harmonically resonant notes in and on my mind. Thinking what an effective way to amplify the image, elevate it. Advertising techniques employed in a fine art context bridging the gap for the viewer. See(r).
Carrie Mae Weems. American, 1950-. Jim, If You Choose to Accept, the Mission is to Land on Your Own Two Feet. 1988. gelatin silver print. SC 1990:20.
Similarly in the work of Roy De Carva and Langston Hughes, Sweet Flypaper of Life and one employs text and a means of elevation.
image from Sweet Flypaper of Life by Roy De Carva and Langston Hughes 1955
Art to tell story, convey meaning in directness, speak to be heard.
I’ve had this idea linger, at first as photos (few I did take, mainly Polaroid’s from a while back) that didn’t materialise as I wanted. Then as poems that would fit in a chapbook (the image dissapered from view when the word took centre stage). Now after many months thinking what to convey as a message meaningful to my life I’ve decided to combine my painting and writing. In a dream it’s Basho meeting Manuel Mendive in South London via Freetown Ports and Abeokuta rocks. Egba land is a distant thought so the work reaches to it.
Dinner at Sunset (Comemos al Atardecer) 2007
The book focuses on the journey of a character who has been journeying blind (nobody telling them which eyes to open). Lost and falls deep into an abyss. Journeys to climb out and return. Sankofaiiin if you will. On one hand it is a referential (self perhaps) of ones desire to return to ways of being (forgoten) which can aid ones existence and improve lives of others. On the other it’s an allegorical tale of blindness inflicted and self inflicted on the people’s of the African continent thru a myriad of specific and general traumas and a attempt to understanding how and why these traumas happened whilst offering a solution of sorts to them. With the humility of understanding that one cannot be so arrogant as to propose a situation so vast. However with the arrogance to do such a thing.
It’s an offering of humble arrogance or confidence. A proposal. Less so a research paper and more a solution pamphlet.
One I will/have/am thoroughly enjoying putting together.
A few lo fi images below words and hd to come..
 Nadeem Din-Gabisi