Deciding what to exhibit for the interim show was a lengthy process, I considered showing my partially completed painting, a photograph, writing or research. In the end I decided to show a video of myself painting which plays at 20x the original speed, with music playing in the background – the music I chose to play links to what I’m trying to communicate, feel free to check out the links. I decided to do this as a response to everyone pressurising me to finish painting quickly. It also accentuates the idea that the process is also of great importance. Whilst creating work the conceptual side is still in a constant stage of development; as the painting develops and progresses, so does my understanding of the work.

J. Cole – G.O.M.D.

Dead Prez – They School

Stormzy – Shut Up

2Pac – Fuck All Y’all


-Azraa Motala