These past few months I’ve had my friends, family, peers and tutors on my case trying to get me to finish this panting asap. I’ve been working on it as much as I could possibly manage but its still nowhere near completion. Everyone just wants me to show them the finished piece, forgetting that there’s so much to learn within the process itself. Its easy to say “it should’ve been done by now” but everyone works at a different rate, historically these sort of oil paintings could easily take a year or two to complete. I think there’s a certain beauty in being able to bear the patience and put in the hours to create something like this, especially when we live in a society where we’re used to instantly accessible media on our social feeds 24/7; waiting and investing long hours into things has become a foreign concept. Putting in the time and effort to paint this really elevates the image and the concept, it shows the importance of it. Also, I don’t think I should change the size of the work I make or change the way I paint just so I can complete it on schedule. Creativity doesn’t work like that.


-Azraa Motala