Linder’s work, pre-the rapidly evolving and gluttonous mania the digital world has since occupied, uses found imagery from newsprint and print advertisement combining “pornographic images with cosmetic, food and luxury… [print] advertisement” (Creative boom, website, 2018). Although Linder’s work is heavily involved with feminism, male gaze and objectification, her work could also be seen to comment on the relationship between desire and consumerism, equating our kinship to consumerism as a carnal lust, depicting a “pornification of the everyday” (Tate, website, 2018). In the image above “the giant cream cake with the naked female body emphasises the body’s status as consumable object.”However, this association is also reversed, emphasising the consumable cupcake’s status as a fetish or sexual eroticism, sexualising the consumable objects and our desire towards them.

These works begin to nibble at the layered pastry of our consumer lives and how we view, desire, need and associate objects and commodities in the mundanity of life.

[1] Linder(1976),Untitled, (1976-8)
[2]Linder (1954), Untitled, (1976)


April Jackson