Exploring ideas by the philosophy of Guy Debord.

The concept of the spectacle, a unified critique of advanced capitalism of which a primary concern being the progressively increasing tendency towards the expression and mediation of social relations through objects. Recognising the new movements entered around ideas of industrialisation. Dubious of government production methods and their abilities to control if not dictate society by the mediation of the spectacle.

The two videos on show are an investigation into the socio relationships between artist and artist technician built under the universities institutional platform. Through conversation and interaction skills are taught and information exchanged. Artists are often under supervision, in need of technical advice or additional support.

These developments have been filmed using an iPhone through a welding mask and workshop eye protection glasses, capturing moments of discussion and labor interaction welding metal, cleaning a bucket and washing stones. The dynamic relationship between digital media technology and the effects of recording a simple documentary recording become almost voyeuristic. Creating a dialogue of impetus.

‘Through the lens’



The modern manufacturing system challenging the worker and role of the individual as potentially ephemeral, the gig economy requires a new strategy, to think flexibly, short-term contracts with freelance work on the rise. This economic gamble has lead to the increase of stress and uncertainty in the lives of city workers in particular.

These insights continue to question ideas of Labor, craft and freedom, the speed of industry and its desensitisation of human attachment to production. These essential references to man and procreation for new ideas, way of thinking and the importance of labor give reference to nature, labour as ‘her’.  These ideas have been re-evaluated over and over throughout the design making environment. 

“We begin to make human systems and industries fitting when we recognise that all sustainability (just like politics) is local. William Mcdonough ‘Cradle to Cradle’

‘Mothers Milk’

Ross McCormick