In my previous posts I have talked in detail about my desire to work in film so this is the beginning. I see these as a behind the scenes look at a movie set, the costume department has carefully de-robed the movie stars and locked the pieces up in storage over night. That perfectly brings me onto the means on which to display the pieces. I wanted to present the pieces clinically in a no thrills way. This kind of matter of fact display I believe better represents the objects in their own right. Any kind of embellishments on the stands or engaging the pieces in some kind of installation would take away from their intentions as art works not belonging to the now. I like how formal and almost invisible the stands are, I suppose I was inspired by the interiors of shops like Goodhood and LNCC in their timber heavy almost unfinished aesthetic. I wanted to contrast the completely dysfunctional nature of the garments (armour that wont protect and an army fatigue that would get in the way) with boringly fit for purpose presentation.

Although I am by no means finished with any of the work I have included in the show I do believe it reflect my research up until this point well. My work has always been about culture particularly youth or ‘low’ rather than those wherein ‘Fine Art’ normally resides. I have attempted to create timeless works by incorporating ideas around cultures and trends in both garments and imagery both past and present. What people wear is undoubtedly the most accurate way of dating an age so creating wearable(ish) artworks is a direct way of creating predictions about the future.

I attempted to address the hyper consumerist modern day in using uselessly mass produced digital printed matter combined with shapes from the past. The planet earth flag particularly made no sense to me. The earth flag was initially created by John McConnell in 1969 to commemorate Earth Day. An international day of awareness for protecting the environment and positive ideas of peace. Yet now these flags are produced in their hundreds of thousands with no direct purpose out of toxic man made materials with an enormous carbon foot print. Perfectly contradicting the movement’s original intent. I suppose my initial interest and adoration of historic items earlier on the course has lead me to explore the flip side on how much useless, harmful crap is being produced everyday. The kimono ‘silhouette’ combined with its many useless pockets in hindsight was most likely a subconscious reference to the legendary fruits magazine. I had been thinking about it a lot recently and how its documentation of Tokyo street style so perfectly defined the time. The subject’s fearless mix of mainstream cultures, smaller niches like punk and goth and historical Japanese dress was hideously visionary in regards to the globalising effects of the internet. With ideas of resurgence and the timings of trends the phenomenon is certainly due a return. The fact I remember as a kid absolutely hating it but now really liking it shows the importance of context so well. I am by no means going to start wearing fake yellow dreadlocks and platforms but would love to see how far this kind of high impact, bonkers attire could go in a post internet age (the shoes are definitely a direct reaction to this).

For me the Samurai particularly as it appears in the films of Akira Kurosawa, it’s references throughout Japanese pop culture and it’s influence on the artist Rammellzee have always endured. I felt in order to create an outfit for the future it would be the perfect reference point. Military fashion has never really gone away and its utilitarian nature for some reason has always appealed in its sensibilities. However I wanted to turn this on its head by introducing a period of military dress so ornate and cumbersome it has almost zero functionality. The Samurai suits you so often see in museum’s have very rarely seen combat and are in fact grandiose exaggerations of what the human shields below would be in. I wanted to re-create this pompousness in a hap-hazard way fitting with a more accurate dystopian future view. I pictured a future Yakuza drug lord sporting this in a night club booth surrounded by 3 breasted alien woman to the soundtrack of unsuccessfully clairvoyant dance music.