Which stereotype are you? 

The acceleration of the digital world has had both a positive and negative impact on modern society, human culture and contemporary art. Instagram is saturated with ‘#artists’ and ‘#Art’ while populated with brand-deals, #influencers and advertisement all readily consumed and digested by the masses with a simple scroll at the touch of a screen.

The artist Amalia Ulman (1989) and her performative Instagram hoax, Excellences & Perfections(2014),played with the predictable human psychology around social media and “foreshadowing our increasingly unhealthy relationship with Instagram and dubious notions of ‘truth’ online” (Ruigrok, 2018). The piece is seen by Ulman as a performance piece, showcasing stereotypical trends and identities within the platform, addressing issues of narcissism, self-indulgence and drama. Additionally, the piece itself becomes an exhibition or stage, exhibiting the interaction and reaction with the audience using the platform, the social output becoming the art work. The work could be seen as, rather than the concept of ‘mass production for the masses’, but the inverse; ‘mass production of the masses’. The masses; the consumer, becomes the product – the artwork – the commodity. The consumers consuming become the ‘consumed’. Social media has transformed the traditionally one-way system of communication, to a “multi-dimentional… peer to peer communication” (Berthon, Pitt, and Campbell 2008) platform.

I am curious how this ‘multi-dimentional… peer to peer communication’ can be translated into my work. Perhaps adding a digital, interactive element? – Come film with me, #colab. This live content could be projected in to a space or stage set like installation. My oh so Zoella (YouTuber star) main channel backdrop. Reinventing and ‘future-izing’ this form of interaction within my work. A #comebeconsummed event while consuming (banana loaf and more). How can this communication, interaction and engagement be presented in the work and consumed? Could you quite literally ingest it? watch it, read it, learn it, repost it, share it, tag it, live stream it, experience it? Thoughts for further investigation



April Rose Jackson
April Jackson