How do you get a diverse range of styles to work together?

Un:Pact or Un:Packed essentially translated as the same. Previously created as a singular group on our introduction. we came ready made with instructions

we wanted to celebrate our mark our journey together, and a response to our divorce. Curating our work would have beenĀ a challenge for the gallery, also as we are a united identity grouping, we created the theme of being unpacked.

Settling for the idea of an interior of a box. Our delivery package, inviting the audience into our space. or are we outside?

To bridge our practice, finding a united format that allows us to hold onto our own identity yet singular,

We elected on the concept of writing our work. We wrote a description of our work. A challenging format, to write what the viewer sees. But how do I describe mine? What goes through my mind as i weave my constructions? i’m yet to understand… I combined methodology with process with the occupation of my mind.

We introduced another element to the presentation. Another artist, A writer who created an introduction to the format, again, combining an introduction individually written by ourselves.

In addition we invited WillMa, this was a transition moment for WillMa, now breaking free of the original concept, for them to respond artistically to projects. The united front saw no differentiation between our practice.



Luck would have it that on the coldest day of the year we would have built the warmest room.

Irony saw that despite our warm embrace, the chill of snow and ice outside kept many away.




Ian Barrington-Brown