Why do people’s hypocritical or ironic behaviour arise? (Especially in human relations)

How can an individual become an individual in a human relationship?


People seem to be hypocritical in their relationships and social life as they live, and often behave differently in front and back. ‘I am romantic when I do, but if someone else does, it is an affair.’ Is a phrase that shows the current conflict in Korean society. They judge others by their own standards, and has a generous double standard for themselves.
Paradoxically, an individual wants to be recognized as an individual, but they do not know for certain what their tendency are. At the same time, they can not see others as other individuals, and they judge themselves by their own standards.
In these societies, individuals can not find values ​​as individuals, they are conscious of others’ look, and at the same time, neither can they see others as individuals.



How can an individual be an individual?

We can only exist as an individual only when we do not evaluate others, but look at ourselves honestly as an individual and try to find our ego. However, what I want to discuss here is not isolationism. After recognizing that each of the others I have evaluated is also a ‘individual’, we have to find a relationship that will occur when the eye of each other becomes a gaze. The attitude of life that only evaluates others or is conscious of others will not look at ourselves. When the focus of life is on their own, we will face each other as ‘individuals’.

Eyeball (Iris)

Eyeball is a unique code that represents a person, and is an individual’s look in the world. However, in a society that only evaluates others, the eye is no longer a symbol that can express oneself but exists only as a criterion that evaluates and distinguishes others. In this situation, people can not look at each other personally, they are only a product and subject to evaluation. The gaze of others is no longer an ‘individual’ that enables me to influence me in relationships, but only what is appreciated and valued in my judgment is important
Eyes are no longer ‘personal’, but become products that are only appreciated in my eyes.


The eyes no longer look like individuals, but they seem to be a product of value. There is no longer an eye to show the individual and the individual’s gaze, they all exist in the same barcode, and they are well packaged.



copied image


The myriad eyes are only cloned goods, but in the repetition they find something that can not be repeated



Mirror – Focus


The attitude of life that only evaluates others, or consciousness of others’ eyes only will not be able to look at me, and the focus of life to look at me first will face each other as’ individual ‘.

When you do not look at other people as a ‘individual’ but only when you are evaluating others, others are not ‘individuals’ but replicated barcodes. When I look at others who have fallen into this product, I can not look at the mirror behind them. My focus is only their eye, which I can not face, with others I have evaluated. I and their eye can not be gaze.

However, when I first encounter the ‘I’ in the mirror and seek to find myself, my focus is on each individual, like me, not just duplicated items. Only when I first look at me honestly, my eye and their eyes will be gaze.