My recent work is a video performance consisting of several shots of people who lost their lives in the invasion of Iraq. They are group of people of different ages and interests. I have impersonated them by way of wearing different cloths or things that usually indicate a person’s age or gender. Such as a headscarf, a book or even headphones. I used an atmosphere that gives the impression that they are not alive by wearing a white cover resembling a white cloth that use in Iraq to cover dead people with before the burial. I have added subtitle where I deliberately made the videos completely silent to signify the loss of life. These characters, through a subtitle, introducing themselves and the way they lost their lives.

 I am the only person who is speaking in the video to indicate I am still a live; speaking in Iraqi dialect saying I am a witness. By repeating this, few times I intended to get audience attention that I have witnessed and sow and lived those moments of losing lives. Last frames of the video I stand still in front of the camera where I look straight so that the viewer can directly look at my eye and make eye contact and through this, they can feel what I sow.

 In my previous works of painting and installations I could not directly engage with the viewer where in this video work I can interact with the viewer where they can see me and hear my voice directly

 I needed to take some tutorials in editing because this is the first time I make a video work. I have used Adobe Primer program to edit this video. Recently I have showed this work using a projector in MAFA Gallery.


The are gone… and I am a witness


Gardenia White