My artwork for the interim show comprises two sculptures which are related to flowing waters. Ceramic is used to express my concept of temperance which is also a material I have never explored before. Derived from alchemy, temperance simply means balance, which is the area I am interested and willing to explore in for long. I wish I could depict the balance between the natural world and human society through blending elements of nature such as light into the artwork. However, the aim is to break the balance and create the kind of chaos. I transformed the natural black shadows to colors. The chaos I made coincide with the conflicts that could be seen in my sculptures, therefore, it reaches a new balance together. The audience could participate in the interactive artworks to see their colorful shadows on the wall and make themselves as a part of my installation.

I wish I could extend my explorations and applications of lights to a wider scale in the future by adding more flexibility and mobility to them. In addition, I would like to build up more interactive relationships between audience and myself as I reckon that audience is always a part of the exhibition. Previously I focused on casting light on artworks, I would consider using lights themselves to make artworks but much more works need to be done in order to achieve this.

And I still have other pieces of work, but it’s not finished yet, so I will install it tomorrow morning and I will take a picture and post it on the blog.