in the next week, I am going to show a big ball in this exhibition.

I want to express the relationship between person and person. we always smile in the world  cause it is a good way to protect ourselves. so I draw lots of smile face on the tape which is quite like everyone wears a smile mask. besides, the sharp of the big ball means the relationship when we social that is gentle communication instead of sharp communication. The whole ball is like an entire protective cover that separates the distance between people. This seemingly simple and transparent interpersonal relationship is rather difficult to reach or touch. The closeness in your feeling may be that you spend too much of your mind and it is difficult to truly get genuine contacts.
Many people have asked me why I was not colored but black and white when I was doing this work. I will also ask myself why I never seriously thought about what kind of effect would be achieved in the past. Maybe it was because my previous tape experiment was a colorful face, and everyone subconsciously thought that I would make it colorful. What I want to say is actually because I sometimes have a sense of powerlessness and fatigue when dealing with such interpersonal relationships. This is a kind of negative emotion.






the ball in the triangle space is near the pillar and viewers can move it around the pillar. it seems like you think that you have already control it, but in fact you just move around, spiral and then back to the start. it quite like some relationship is hard to change whatever you do. sometimes effort is useless.