“Gateway” in Cambridge dictionary

noun [ C ]

1. an entrance through a wallfence, etc. where there is a gate

-a place through which you have to go to get to a particular area

-a way of achieving something

2.something in a system that allows you to use its other parts

-Information Technology: A gateway is a network node that connects two networks using different protocols together. While a bridge is used to join two similar types of networks, a gateway is used to join two dissimilar networks.

The animation casted on the gate-shaped groove next to the entrance of Cookhouse is purely converted by traditional long exposure photography. The conversion process is to use software to sweep through the pixels of the photos and to change the range of the area over time and then capture them to make reflections like kaleidoscope with “nodes” and “line” and “shapes” changing.

Traditional photography is struggling to find a way to meet the demands of tech based world nowadays, but there are still “nodes” and “gateways” to connect the “outside world” such as covert them to animation or add effects to them. Actually, the world is always changing fast and outside the gateway are also gateways that would never end. Life is such a thing that the whole process is that you would never actually achieve something. Instead, you would find a lot of “gateways” to the other “gateways” and you would keep looking for them.

Situated next to the gate to the “outside world”, the rather psychedelic animation is immediately casted on the face of everyone that walks in. The photos that the videos are converted from are about my secret lovers and the improvised music I put in is something I wrote for them during their companion when I was in severe depression. The interim show would turn out to be a confession as I would invite my wife to the interim show as well.

It is a gateway to the illusional reality and to other gateways.

It is a gateway to my confession.

Making art is “a way to achieve something” like a gateway for me but who knows where does it lead me to?

The answer should be questioned but not the question should be answered.

Is there really a gateway to gateways in the first place?