Recent workings:

My current piece, adapted for the context of the Studio’s 2nd interim show, I have created a short audio clip.

The piece originally was paired with a visual clip of a recording on my desktop screen, browsing social media, online and insta stories, to be projected on to an assemblage of digital prints, collage and props.

Initially I wanted to address the familiarity, over use and captivation we have with the digital world and its product- the behaviour and influence of it’s users. The audio clips, snatched, cropped and overplayed are gathered and borrowed from podcasts, instagram, twitter and youtube. The clips, unintentionally began to address mental health, the arts and the creative industry and consumption; in its most primitive state- food.

Along with the piece I planned for a baked banana loaf and whole bananas (iconography borrowed from the prints reference) placed within the installation and to link to the digital, desire, consumption, hunger and the act of perhaps feeding, stuffing and engrossing ourselves. However, in the shift of context in the show, embracing a ‘show and tell’ ‘auction’ ‘QVC’ style experience, incorporating a temporality and a challenging ego shift for some… I decided to perhaps serve the loaf as ‘taste testers’ and offerings to the audience on serving trays. (Fabulously palm leaf printed of course).

In researching this piece i’ve noticed an underlying interest in our bodies, health, the human condition or behaviour and actually how we can rectify, modify and simply recognise how this current modern life has an effect on our ‘being’ in the world and subsequently our value for material, digital, philosophical and living content.

A science intrinsically linked to these concepts and food; as medicine, ritual and nourishment for the mind, body and soul is Ayurveda, also known as the science of life.


The prop like set up draws on creating a physical ‘Fearne’ like presence and materiality drawn from a 2D, digital world, perhaps stereotypical in its use of items, playing with the stereotypical, trend following world we seep into and have amplified through social media. It also resembles a ‘backdrop’ like set up similar to that of a youtube video. Maybe I will begin to create videos in these spaces or a participatory experience with the audience?

However, in changing the context of the work and using just audio and the props, the piece begins to direct more toward creating an almost solely audio experience, referring to the radio, a low tech piece of technology in comparison to modern advances.

The audio is at times over whelming, fast paced, fluid and indistinctive, however in places can be steady, solid and offering a calm lul, weaved in-between chaotic, overlapping, inter-weaving chatter. I feel this resembles our digital, consumer, fast paced and multi-tasked, multi-disciplinary lives. The piece requires focus, concentration and isolation of the audiences attention, with a single visual focus point on of the familiar layout of a spot lighted side table and radio. During the piece offerings of banana loaf and whole bananas will be made to the audience, giving a moment of distraction and multi-tasked consumption.


thoughts to be thought:
Future works,
Audio, pod casts, making live ‘vlog’ footage while in a curated space.
A warm, sensual and mediative space. Repose.
Own pod casts?
Sound bath- how can this be incorporated?
Ayurveda — how we address, alter, recognise need and adapt our society, human behaviour and modern life – with it’s unsustainable, unnatural speed of production, consumption and preoccupation.

April Jackson