I went to a VR experence with my friend yesterday, It was fantastic and I was so exciting during the whole process. At first I thought this is just a normal VR exhibition. But it was totally beyond my expect.  I was greeted with a nightgown, socks, a digital watch, a hospital band and received a 360 degree scan of my head. Everything happened on me was like the super real  life which I watched in “Black Mirror”.

They created strong atmosphere for experiencer, all of your mood fluctuations was designed step by step. We need to run, we need to talk , we need to lay down. You are doing the VR experience, but you are also a part of their performance story.


After Bar:

At the end of the experience, is a Bar with flowing lights and sound effect.

We’ve been asked to download an APP called:” DotDotDot”, we can check our heart beat during the process and our 3D head scan that they did at the beginning. Each experiencer has been given a HOLOGRAM as a gift. Bar is also like the part of the show, menu and lights changed every half an hour. In addition, everything was so cool in that experience. Highly recommend for people who are interest of VR technology or visual communication.








Address: 2 Pear Tree St, London, EC1V 3SB

Book appiontment at: dotdot.london