Fujiko Nakaya, installation The fog is generated by 800 mist­generating nozzles installed across the landscape.

video link: http://nyti.ms/2lljdjb


I am really interested in one of Fujiko Nakaya’s ideas that “Fog is continuously changing its form to create a new environment, and at the same time conceals the functions of it. Heavy fog makes visible stuff shapeless, while those invisible in nature become visible, just like the wind.” The fog shown in her work is actually similar to the “Qi” that I want to express, both of which are invisible stuff but can be felt. Fujiko integrates “frog” with the whole natural environment to offer an audience with a sense of engagement. Meanwhile, I am also thinking how to offer my audience this shapeless stuff through paintings and installation.

Her works remind me of my trip to Tibet last summer. The fog there was very dense, the clouds were very close to us, and they were moving very fast. Being in such an environment, I felt that all the surrounding natural phenomena were amplified. Her works can quickly bring the viewers into the natural environment, and give people a feeling of confusion mixed with tranquility. Fujiko Nakaya’s installation works and ideas not only allow me to rediscover the relationship between human and nature but also allow me to think about the relationship between my own works and the viewers.

Here is the photo that I took in Tibet,