All works of James Turrell share the theme of “light”, be it controlled by natural light or artificial light. My favorite point is that the viewers cannot feel the presence of luminous bodies in his works, or even the presence of anything. I feel that he is creating an “illusion”, but the artist says that what he has created is not “illusion” but the essential image of light; it is just that people are not used to looking at it in this particular way.

Whether it is “light” or “Qi”, they are all solid presence surrounding us and are an indispensable part of our lives. The following words of James Turrell’s has influenced me a lot “I like to use light as a material, but my medium is real perception. I want you to feel your feelings and see what you see.” I like these works because when you are in it, you will reflect on yourself, and feel the real things in your heart.Apani, 2011, installation.


Apani, 2009, installation.

Afrum I (white), installation.


  Veils, installation.