Meeting Wanda Koop at Frieze London

Marion with Wanda Koop

When I decided to go to art school, I worried that my ideas would be dismissed because I wasn’t young and fashionable. Coming from the world of marketing and communications, I imagined that artists congregated in trendy cafes and hipster bars that I didn’t even know existed.

Within a few weeks of starting my studies at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) in Toronto, I realised that age really doesn’t matter when you’re discussing art, art materials, artists, or anything with the word ‘art’ in it. I could talk about the quality of the line made by different types of charcoal with anyone, of any age, and still find that interesting.

My ageism worries dissipated, but it still felt good when I came across the work of Canadian contemporary artist Wanda Koop. It was nice to discover a female artist, a bit older than myself, who produces high impact, large scale paintings expressing innovative ideas about the natural and urban landscape. It was that last bit of acknowledgement that I needed to keep me firmly on my education path. So when I went to Frieze London this weekend, and rounded the corner of the Night Gallery booth, and saw a familiar face that I’d seen on the internet, I knew I had to capture that moment with a picture.

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Wanda Koop, Untitled, from Seeway 2010