Sad Bois

The term Sad Boi is something I only really encountered until this year (2019) when… More ]

Me map

I had very recently applied to be a mentee within the Creative Mentor Network for… More ]

Nsala Soup

Research: Pregnancy piece. Nsala soup. Throughout this project I have interviewed family members who grew… More ]

Random Box

Random Box There are times that thoughts and ideas come to me and sometimes I… More ]


Through my art practice, I primarily work with time-based media such as moving image and… More ]

The smell

Some flavour may bring back many memories, such as in the spring the smell of… More ]

Never Fade

Because of my last work on time and life, production labels, I continue to do… More ]

Unit 2


Artist Statement

Jing, from ChinaMy creative inspiration comes from my daily life. In my recent creations, I… More ]


Emotions are like a filter that affects how each person thinks about different things. The… More ]


Do we still remember why we study? Does the modern education system give students enough… More ]

My statement

I ask questions in my art practice. What is question? Why do I ask question?… More ]

From 121 feedbacks

Random 121 notes JEFF DENNIS James Turrel, Rene Daniels, Blinky Palermo, Richard Tuttle, Semi-transparent, Mary… More ]


My Artistic practice is informed by the relationship of the maker the viewer and the… More ]

Shareable emotion

Artworks would strengthen spiritual feelings, and the people who have the same mental states could… More ]

Artist Statement

As Nicolas Bourriaud said, ‘Relational aesthetics is a set of artistic practices which take as… More ]

Her statement

Until we learnt how to Heart : KAIAN, HOI, born in Macau. Never learnt how… More ]


This the point that I wish I could have another degree in music, whether it’s… More ]

On Giglets: Part 3

‘The study of these products of folk-psychology [myth, legend, and fairy-tales] is by no means… More ]


Five Years Since I Left There Nothing changed even if candlelight turned off. The left… More ]

Artist Statement

I am accustomed to using moving image, installation, painting, objects, performance to create works. Works… More ]

Recent work

People seem to be more interested in other people’s private lives and negative privacy. The… More ]

About ‘All Parts’

All Parts is an installation composed of multiple speaker components, power amplifier components, player components,… More ]


‘Composer’ is an installation that uses a modified stethoscope to record almost all kinds of… More ]

Artist Statement

Within my cross-disciplinary practice that is informed by paper-based and time-based medium, I primarily work… More ]


What role should I play in artistic expression? Is it merely the creator or the… More ]


After a few 121s,I felt that the final way to present my work need to… More ]


Bichos Last week at the Banqueting Hall, a well-known Brazilian curator spoke about censorship and… More ]

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