Introducing Mr Paul David Chisholm


” Fusing irony with allegory, Paul Chisholm creates works layered with allusions to his personal history and emotional state, subtly criticizing social and political circumstances. Utilizing his own experience as a springboard, he has built a distinctive visual language, imbued with poetic nuances of the often contradictory and disconcerting feelings related to the human condition.”

ANA BAMBIC KOSTOV Art Historian / critic / Writer

“From the personal to the political, from the emotional to the critical, the irony and the magic of existence all come to play in my practice. From making the invisible visible to the poetics and unique resonance of materials, text plays a heavy part in the Artists communication of an often contradictory and disconcerting feelings of the human experience. “

Paul Chisholm (1983) received his BA in Fine Art from Nottingham Trent University in 2004. He completed the Metàfora Contemporani Tallers D’Arte in Barcelona, Spain in 2011 and he has started his MFA At Chelsea College London starting October 2018. He has exhibited internationally since 2005 and his recent exhibitions include The Silent Auction in Aid of THT at Christie’s Auction House, London (2018); Chapter 1 Exhibition at The Old Biscuit Factory, Curated by ARTNUMBER 23, Southwark, London (2018); Queer Art(ists) Now Exhibition at Archive Gallery, London (2017) and and The Everyday Exhibition Visual Aids at La Mama Gallery, New York (2016).
He lives between Amsterdam, Holland and Surrey, England.