The Clock at Tate Modern

Oh, The (good old lovely) Clock

Finally I get to see the actural work after years of knowing it!

At some particular points, the clock becomes something that brings the discontentment and dissatisfaction as the characters appeared to be fearful, anxious, disappointed or harried while looking at the time. However, even as a matter of fact that I would probably also not feel good while I check the time in real life, I still found this work very mesmerizing and satisfying. Instead of abruptly switching clips, Christian Marclay used overlapping and crossfading for the jointed audio parts and carefully selected each of the following footage regarding the colours, narratives, framing, etc. which allows The Clock approaches the idea of narration, appropriation, composition, and fragmentation in an extraordinary way. I quickly lost track of time even I’m actually watching “the time.”

Sadly, no photo allowed.

Here is a clip I found online in case you haven’t seen the work:

The Clock will last till Jan 20, 2019 at Tate Modern