Membrane by Youngeun Kim

People feel emotional distance from one another.

It is not a sense of physical distance but also emotional one too.

Accordingly, I have been working on visualizing the feeling of my alienation against others and the psychology of self-protective instinct using keyword ‘membrane’ on a flat plane and space.




I wanted to show that I exist in this world by repeatedly leaving the traces of myself. As we live our life, we are bound to mingle with other people and often go beyond mingling to become assimilated. Then we lose ourselves and ask ourselves for whom do we exist in this world. Therefore, this work is about repeatedly leaving the traces of my own self in this world in an attempt to show that I exist in this world, and the image of the process of my proving the meaning of my existence in this world. This is the process of building my own house of mind. When I finish one side, it is like the cocoon made by a silkworm to protect oneself and grow. It is the moment of the creation of a “membrane” that distinguishes myself from others.