Previous works by Chae

‘Art is not a handicraft; it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced (Tolstoy, 1960).’ This famous quote by Leo Tolstoy implies that art is a method of expression feelings from one’s experience.

The experience of the artist is a significant component of the artwork. Continuous artworks that address spatial experience, and the topic of experience and its effects expressed by colour have a profound relationship. This spatial experience is investigated through painting and emphasises the painters’ experience and emotion through the use of colour. As a general rule, works are heavily influenced by experience. As such, particular experience such as one’s experiences of ‘black-outs’ became an impetus for my series of paintings, which were motivated by a peculiar feeling experienced at an occasion, a gathering of friends. To describe the occasion, friends who were invited were very close to each other. They cared for each other and maintained an enjoyable mood through the evening. However, that space and atmosphere bore ‘a sense of Alienation’ towards me. That was the first experience of ‘black-out.’ This black-out had different symptoms compared to the typical use of the word blackout, generally referring to fainting or passing out. It affected the visual reception of the surroundings as the surroundings darkened and were as dimmed as the colours shown in the figure. Time seemed to have halted in this blackout; it was unclear how long it had lasted, but feelings were sensitive. Moreover, the distance from the reception to the balcony was steadily increasing, and its hue was bleached at that moment. It is an extension of the work in this incident. It leads some ideas; these are ‘affects’, ‘emotions’, ‘experiences’, ‘feeling’, ‘colours’, ‘expression’, ‘immerse sensation’, ‘immanent’, ‘synaesthesia’. These reflect the works and ideas to artworks.

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