Found Art Gallery


We did a group show yesterday, and is called Found Art Gallery. In that very simple project, we put red dots on some things we found on the road. Try to transform those “non-art”things to art work. And we wanted to ask what define an art work? Obviously in public view those things are not art works at all, but why? I think there are at least three reasons.

Firstly, those things were not presented  inside a white cube. Space is important in modern gallery, it needs to create a sense of high level to attract the wealthy buyers.

And what’s more, those ‘works’ were not under any artist’s name, which means they did not have any market value.

The most important thing is there were no artist statements. People pay for the meaning, not for the work itself.

But the red dots can erase all these three reasons. They were sold! The whole journey of an artwork was over. We gave the red dots to those ‘non- art’ things, and successfully transformed them into art works, do we?